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Royal Spotlight: Eva Maria O’Neill

Eva Maria O’Neill (72) is the thrice divorced and four-times-married mother of Princess Madeleine’s betrothed, Chris. Eva is reported to have “dated” Prince Charles. Several sources cite her as his one-time girlfriend without giving many more details. However, The Daily Mail offers a juicier version of the tale. Eva and Charles supposedly met and had a fling in 1986. What’s worse is that Diana nearly walked in on them in the act. Other sources backup this story, although with fewer details.

It is also asserted that post-divorce Prince Charles was encouraged to pursue Eva instead of marrying Camilla. It’s hard to believe that Eva would have made a more desirable candidate than Camilla, considering she already had 3 divorces under her belt at the time. It seems that Eva has made a career out of marrying (and divorcing) well. The New York Post likens her to Ivana Trump and other articles warn of her upstaging the bride next summer. (123)

I’m telling you, this is the engagement that keeps on giving!

A few things are disputed about her; mainly her heritage (German/Austrian) and the number of times she’s been married and divorced (3 or 4). Personally, I’d just settle on a lot for the last one. Can anyone help clear this up?

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